Grand Officers do not inspect their own Commander’s they must trade with another Officer
Inspection dates will be the responsibility of the Commander together with the Inspecting Officer and the Deputy Inspector in each Division. All inspections should be scheduled by June 15, 2023 if possible. No two inspections will be held on the same day. All inspections should be completed before December 15, 2023. Combined inspections will be permitted with each Commandery having at least two participating knights, but no two combined inspections will be scheduled on the same day. If three Commandery’s put on the Order of the Temple as a combined inspection, the Inspecting Officer Must inspect the other two Commandery’s Minutes and audit reports. Joint inspections Must Not mix Divisions, example Wheeling (1) and Palestine (2). I want to see the officers of the Commanderys within the Division doing the ritual. All openings will be done in FULL FORM.
This information will be sent by the Grand Commander to the State Editor for publication in the Knights Templar Magazine. Include the starting time, work planned and if a dinner or lunch is planned.
It is the duty of the Deputy Inspector General to see each Commandery within the Division is properly prepared for inspection by holding at least one School of Instruction at each Commandery prior to inspection. The Deputy Inspector’s responsibility is to see that each School is held to assist the Commandery to obtain the required proficiency in both tactics and ritual.
There will be NO INSPECTIONS on September 23rd, 2023 as the Mid Atlantic Department Conference is held on this weekend.
I will attend as many inspections as I can and will be received as part of the Inspecting Officer’ staff. The inspecting officer will be received as if he were the Grand Commander, even when the Grand Commander is present.
Dates and locations will be at an inspection when established
Aug 5, 2023 Weston Chairman Stephen L. Wolfe EGSW
Nov 4, 2023 Wheeling Chairman Tyler M. Perry EGCG
Feb 4, 2024 Keyser Chairman Charles F. Wimer EGG
May 17, 2024 Sutton Chairman James E. Winzenreid VEDGC